How to Set Up Craigslist Notifications to your Phone

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I used to have set up to send me an SMS whenever a new item was posted to Craigslist that matched my search criteria. changed something, because I am no longer getting those alerts, so I found a free/easy alternate to get alerts to my phone right away when someone posts to Craigslist:

  1. Set up a Saved Search in Craigslist and activate alerts to send you an e-mail (in this example, Gmail)
  2. Set up a free pushover account and connect your device to it
  3. Copy the e-mail address Pushover gives you
  4. Create a new filter in Gmail.  “From” should be “”, “Subject” should be “alert:”
  5. When prompted, forwarding address should be your pushover e-mail
  6. Be sure to click “Delete” so that the e-mails will get removed from Gmail

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