Bucket Ball

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Thought I would share a game my nephews, brother, and I made up the last time we were all together in Ft. Morgan – bucket ball.

Bucket Ball Rules

  1. Need two or more players.
  2. Server stands in a predetermined spot (typically at least 10 feet away) and has three serves with which to get the ball through the bucket. If server cannot put ball through the bucket in three serves he forfeits all his points to the catcher, but only if the points received does not cause the catcher to exceed 21.  In this instance, the catcher receives 1 point.
  3. Catcher must stand in the pre-determined spot (typically at least 10 feet away) and sprint underneath the bucket in an attempt to catch the ball. Whatever hole the ball goes through is the number of points the catcher receives if he/she catches the ball. If he/she doesn’t catch the ball, the server instead gets the allotted points.
  4. Catcher must not leave his predetermined spot until the ball has left the hand of the thrower. If catcher leaves too early, he loses one point.
  5. If a move during a play would cause one of the players to exceed their 21 point limit, the other player receives those points, unless the point value would also cause that player to exceed 21, in which case no points are awarded.
  6. First player to 21 points wins (no player can exceed 21; you must attain the exact point total).
  7. When played with alcohol, the server must drink one shot before throwing, or a less extreme version of the game requires any players who receives two or more points to take a shot).  Or, let the liquor stir your creative juices and make up your own rules.

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